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Help your leaders build an organisational culture that celebrates diverse experiences and perspectives.

Transform Your Organisation With Inclusive Leadership

Developing an organisational culture where every employee feels welcome and thrives professionally starts with inclusive leadership. Inclusive leaders work to address their own biases, identify bias in others, seek out new perspectives, and model curiosity and empathy for their colleagues. 

True inclusivity goes beyond meeting a diversity hiring quota or providing casual support for building diversity, equity, and inclusion programs. To create a thriving workplace that attracts and retains top performers, leaders must commit to growing inclusivity over time, connecting people who bring different experiences and viewpoints, and owning their mistakes and biases with humility.

Regardless of their past experience, every leader has room to grow when it comes to inclusivity. FranklinCovey’s principle-based content, expert consultants, and innovative technology will equip your leaders with the mindset they need to personally model inclusivity and create an inclusive culture.

Key Inclusivity Skills for Leaders

Creating an inclusive work environment requires acknowledging and confronting bias, seeking out different perspectives, and creating safe spaces where everyone feels they belong.

Identifying Bias

Recognises when thoughts and situations are affected by bias

Reducing Bias

Maintains fair practices around hiring, delegating, feedback, and other leadership tasks

Working Across Cultures & Backgrounds

Adjusts team culture and dynamics to accommodate the backgrounds and preferences of everyone on the team

Fostering Belonging

Contributes to an inclusive and accepting environment for everyone on the team

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The Power of the Journey

Lasting behaviour change comes from the inside out. Who people are, and how they view the world, impacts how they engage and lead others. Our Impact Journeys combine our exclusive content, expert consultants, and powerful technology to help people change both their mindset and their behaviour.

Explore a sample Impact Journey excerpt below.

Understanding Others with Empathy

  • 01 InSights
    The Hidden Story

    How would you treat people differently if you could see their thoughts and understand their hidden stories? 

    Timing: 15 min

  • 02 Live-Online
    Unconscious Bias: Understanding Bias to Unleash Potential™

    Unconscious biases are how our brains compensate for overload which can inhibit performance and lead to poor decision-making. Helping your leaders and team members address bias will let them thrive, increasing performance across your entire organisation. 

    Timing: 1 day

  • 03 Jhana
    Nine Ways to Embrace Diversity of Thought and Why You Should

    Cultivating connections is about connecting with others and understanding their points of views. This helps you explore or even change your own points of view. 

    Timing: 10 min

  • 04 Excelerators
    Habit 5: Seek First to Understand, Then to Be Understood®

    Communication is the most important skill in life. You spend years learning how to read and write, and years learning how to speak. But what about listening? What training have you had that enables you to listen, so you really, deeply understand another person? 

    Timing: 30-60 min

  • 05 10-Minute Action
    Seek Feedback on How You Listen to Others

    Instead of listening with the intent to understand, sometimes we listen with the intent to respond. Below is one suggestion to assist you in shifting your intent to understand versus respond.

    Timing: 10 min

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