Leading at the Speed of Trust®

Trust: A tangible and measurable performance multiplier.

Trust is today’s currency—and everything a leader says and does affects the level of trust on their team.

When trust is low, people become suspicious, guard communication, speculate, and disengage. As a result, productivity grinds to a crawl, and costs increase. We call these trust taxes.

When trust is high, people become confident and communication, creativity, and engagement improve. As a result, productivity speeds up and costs decrease. We call these trust dividends.

Leading at the Speed of Trust® helps leaders strengthen their trust signals to convert trust taxes into trust dividends and propel their team further, faster.

Trust is a function of two things: Character and Competence.

Character includes your integrity, your motive, and your intent—as seen at the bottom of the model. Competence includes your capabilities, your skills, your results, and your track record—the top of the model. Leaders will discover how to use the 4 Cores of Credibility and the 13 Behaviours® of High Trust to accelerate their team’s results.

Course Details

Leading at the Speed of Trust® consists of three sessions and is available in multiple learning modalities, each includes reinforcement microlearning. An optional fourth session is available Live In-Person or Live-Online for intact teams who have completed a Speed of Trust course.

The Case for Trust

  • “See” and measure the impact of trust on speed and cost of work to convert trust taxes into trust dividends.
  • Understand that credibility and behaviour are always connected to be a model of high trust.

Be a High-Trust Leader

  • Discover evidence of high and low personal trust through the Speed of Trust Leader Assessment.
  • Model personal credibility, demonstrate high-trust behaviours, and avoid counterfeit behaviours to generate trust dividends

Extend, Restore, and Develop Trust

  • Prepare for and structure conversations that extend, restore, and develop trust in relationships.

Be a High-Trust Team (optional for intact teams)

  • Discover evidence of high and low team trust through the Speed of Trust Team Assessment.
  • Model credibility and demonstrate high-trust behaviours as a collective team.
Employees who trust their leaders are 61% more likely to stay.*
Colleagues working in a high-trust group experience 90% more joy.†
Organisations with the highest levels of trust have revenue growth that is 3.6 times more than organisations with the lowest levels of trust.‡

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Global Success Stories

PepsiCo Foods

Building Empathic Leaders Across the Organization

PepsiCo Foods North America desired consistent leadership training with content that progressed over time. Curating content from FranklinCovey’s All Access Pass®, they launched their CORE Leadership program to build empathic leaders at all levels of their organisation.

Vibe Group

Learning and Development at Scale

Vibe Group is a fast-growing IT staffing consultancy. Starting from two founders in 2011, they rapidly grew to 300+ internal and 1,000 external employees today. See how they partnered with FranklinCovey to scale up their learning and development program to support this rapid growth.

Jefferson Community & Technical College

The Days of Being Marginally Successful Are Gone

See how Jefferson Community & Technical College used The 4 Disciplines of Execution® to empower all employees to play a role in student success. Everyone was encouraged to be intentional about their goals to increase the number of credentials awarded to students.

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* Khoury, Ghassan, and Steve Crabtree. “Are Businesses Worldwide Suffering From a Trust Crisis?” The Real Future of Work: The Trust Issue 3. (February 6, 2019) Gallup.
Johannsen, Rebecca, and Paul J. Zak. “The Neuroscience of Organizational Trust and Business Performance: Findings from United States Working Adults and an Intervention at an Online Retailer.” Frontiers in Psychology 11 (January 11, 2021). 
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