Inclusive Hiring and Advancement

When leaders look to hire or promote team members, they often rely on intuition without considering all the facts.

Allow leaders to create opportunity for people to thrive by expanding how they see and assess talent.

Many important decisions are influenced by unconscious biases that impact individuals, teams, and organisations. And when leaders look to hire or promote team members, they often rely on intuition without considering all the facts.


Leaders will learn how to spot talent they may overlook and make more inclusive decisions by:
• Expanding who’s “right” for the role to increase the diversity of candidates considered for hiring or promotion.
• Standardising processes for evaluating talent to ensure each candidate has an opportunity to demonstrate their potential.
• Recording and reviewing evidence of potential to assess talent and make effective decisions.

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Common Mindset: “I’ve got a good sense for talent.” Inclusive Mindset “I make talent decisions based on fact, not just feeling.”

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Inclusive Hiring and Advancement is available in multiple learning modalities; each includes two weeks of reinforcement microlearning.

Session (Live In-Person)
Session (Live-Online)
Module (On Demand)

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